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Federal intertrade Company Limited, a design and construction project consulting firm, was established in 1983 under Thailand Commercial Registration No. 0105526021920 by a group of experienced engineers and architects ( Ref. http://www.fce.co.th/) In 2010 the company directors and management have determined to extend their business field into trading by marketing and sales of industrial products. Such a division was set up in January 2011 as a Branch Office of the company by a proficient team which has the experience of marketing those products more than 20 years under Far Eastern Corporation Company Limited

In mid of 2013 the directors and management of Federal Consulting Engineers Company Limited, seeing the entirely different business nature of the Branch Office from the Head Office, decided to change the name of the branch office to Federal Intertrade Company Limited. Federal Intertrade Company Limited was finally established on June 28, 2013 under Thailand Commercial Registration No. 0105556103401

1) UNIFRAX (formerly Known as Carborundum) for kiln industry, Smelting furnaces, and other industrial furnaces.

2) SAINT-GOBAIN CERAMICS, fused Norton castable refractories designed to be used for induction furnace lining.

3) VESUVIUS (may be made to order) graphite stoppers, nozzles, etc.

4) ANCHORING PRODUCTS : cuplocks, washers, and studs

5) DYNEA for wood and furniture industries, powdered glue and adhesives, phenolic glue and surface films..

6) AICA (formerly Dynea) : phenolic surface film and phenolic glue film.

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